William Solis

Senior Director of Business Relations

Prior to joining the nationwide legal practice at the Berman Law Group, William Solis worked at JP Morgan Chase for 14 years. Mr. Solis duties at Chase included, but were not limited to, managing multi-million-dollar companies all over the United States as well as developing strategic partnerships both nationwide and globally. Mr. Solis has developed a passion for helping others that fits into the passion Berman Law Group has for helping its clients.

At Berman Law Group, Mr. Solis continues to utilize his business development and customer service skills by overseeing daily operations of the client services team which supports the entire firm’s client service program and initiatives. Mr. Solis leads, manages and motivates individuals within the firm in an effort to achieve new business and customer service goals on a daily basis. He oversees the overall client experience with the firm through closure. With his leadership and managerial track record, Mr. Solis recruits, train and coach the firm’s top performers, utilizing his skills in analytics, organization and communication.

Professional Organizations

  • March of Dimes
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • Autism Speaks
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