Restoration of Civil Rights in Florida

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Restoration of civil rights includes all rights of citizenship enjoyed by the person before his or her conviction, except the specific authority to won, possess or use firearms. A few years ago, the residents of the state of Florida voted to pass Amendment Four to the Constitution. Amendment Four included the right to vote as restoration of civil rights. There is nothing more rewarding then fighting for our clients to get back their right to vote and have their voices heard in government affairs.

Restoration of civil rights without a hearing

A person may have their civil rights restored by approval of the Clemency Board, without a hearing if the person meets the following criteria:

  • Completed all sentences including, imprisonment, parole, probation, conditional release, etc.
  • No outstanding detainers or pending criminal charges.
  • Paid all restitution
  • Never convicted of certain crimes including murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, child abuse, kidnapping and many other crimes. Contact our office for a full list.
  • Has not been arrested or committed a crime within 5 years from completion of all sentences and conditions.

Restoration of civil rights with a hearing

If a person does not quality for restoration of civil rights without a hearing, they can qualify if they meet the following requirements and criteria:

  • No new felony convictions for 7 years from completion of all sentences and conditions.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States

Our attorneys have experience with all forms of clemency, and we are here for you. Our goal is for you to receive your Certificate of Restoration of Civil Rights in the mail. That is a job well done.


When it comes to restoring your civil rights, call our attorneys today to discuss your options.

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