Alexa Frades


Attorney Alexa Frades is a highly accomplished legal professional, having graduated with highest distinction from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and earning her law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law. With a strong dedication to public service, Alexa focused on pro bono projects during law school. Notably, she dedicated a significant portion of her time to the Immigration Clinic, where she tirelessly worked to secure relief for clients facing persecution in their home countries.

Her passion for aiding those with limited resources underscores her commitment to justice and the legal profession. Committed to transparent communication, she ensures clients understand their rights and the legal process complexities. In advocating for clients, Alexa prioritizes staying current on relevant laws, conducting thorough legal research, and treating all parties with respect. Outside the legal realm, she maintains a balanced lifestyle, enjoying physical fitness, outdoor exploration, and the company of her cat, Tux. Alexa Frades epitomizes a compassionate and dedicated attorney, blending legal expertise with unwavering commitment to justice at Berman Law Group.

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