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If it weren’t for Marjorie Guaracho, I would have never knew who you guys are! She markets and holds this group to such high standards of work ethic and professionalism. Anyone can tell this group of individuals work together like a family and will try their best to seek legitimate justice for their party. Thanks again to your marketing director for her amazing advertising tactics! I will definitely use u guys if I ever needed help god for bid.

Marcos Canino

The Berman Law Group team was the best choice I made after getting into my accident. Marjorie and her team guided me through every step of the way and I am thankful for that! If you ever need a professional team after any type of injury, I would highly recommend The Berman Law Group!

Luciano Ibbott

Their turn around time was top-notch! They responded to my questions always within a day and they closed a very complex case in less than a year. Very surprised with have fast they move. If you are looking for aggressive attorneys who will not back down to anyone, then this is the firm for you.

michael b

The Berman team is the best. Very helpful and reliable. Will handle any of your legal needs.

camilla coutinho

Making the decision to call The Berman Law group after my accident was the best decision I’ve made. I got into an accident in the middle of the night expecting to just leave a message, but instead a got a live aid to walk me through the process I would have to take moving forward. The very next morning I received a call from someone else stating that they would like to move forward with my case, and about 13 months later my case was closed. I got to know my lawyer personally and was able to contact him at any time (within reason of course.) I’m not planning on needing a lawyer again any time soon but if I do I know exactly who I’m calling!

Brittany Day

Came to Berman after my accident and they were very professional and helpful throughout the process. They were friendly and kind while helping me with my lawsuit.

rich wein

The Berman Law Group in Boca Raton helped me every step of the way when I got in my car accident. The staff is very accommodating and easy to work with. They made the entire process painless and smooth.

Bill Weiss

Hi. I had a quick question...does your law firm take on medical malpractice cases? I tried to call multiple firms in the area. None of them seemed to care or have any interest. Not only did they seem unprofessional but I was also told they were unable to take my case. I was advised on multiple occasions to contact another law firm!

Laura Carpenter

Lover working with Berman law firm! Super helpful , reliable, and friendly. Highly recommended for any of your law needs!!!!

Isidora Madzarevic

I recommend The Berman Law Group for all of your legal needs. I had reached their services twice in the past year and it was trully the best decision I made. Both times I had positive outcome and I am very thankful. My point of contact there is Marina, she truly cares about her clients, very helpful and took my priorities serious.

Marcio d'Avila Jr

The Berman & Berman Law Group helped me every step of the way in obtaining a green card. They are always available and always willing to help answer your questions no matter what the time is. Special thanks to Jennifer Petrovitch and Marina Ageloff who have worked so hard on my case.

anaika saintvictor

It was a pleasure working with Jacqueline from the Berman law group I will recommend anybody to try it. Jacqueline is a strong woman that will fight for you, very friendly the service is 100% very nice people best law group in florida so far in my opinion.

Ivenson H

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